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Do you have a flat to rent? I want to rent a flat


Finding homes for everyone is a collective responsibility. Entrusting or renting us a home is a grand gesture, one that will fill homes with life, and lives with dignity.

In Barcelona there are more than 13.000 empty homes and more than 3,000 homeless people, 956 of whom sleep rough every night. At Mambré, we work tirelessly to fight against this injustice. Want to help? We're looking for homes, leased or rented, to house people who are homeless. If you are a home owner, we encourage you to make a positive social contribution and join us in the struggle against homelessness.


What do we need?

We are mainly seeking homes in the city of Barcelona and other municipalities in the metropolitan area that are owned by individuals, businesses, nonprofit organisations, church organisations, the government, and so on. We need to offer these homes to individuals at risk of social exclusion and homelessness that are supported by our member organisations.

Currently, we are particularly looking for one-bedroom homes for single people, preferably furnished, for long-term rent as part of the Housing First programme. We also need bigger homes to accommodate two to five people in shared households.

What do we offer?

  • A rental contract or license agreement signed alongside Mambré Foundation.
  • Responsibility for housing supplies, a payment guarantee and incident management..
  • Care and maintenance of the home, which is returned to the owner in perfect condition..
  • Social monitoring and support for residents.
  • Refurbishment and/or adaptation, providing it is not structural, compensating for rental income.
  • Insurance.

If you have an unused home, get in touch with us (fmambre@fundaciomambre.org) for more detailed information. We currently manage 399 of them, so you'll be in safe and experienced hands!

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