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Fundació Privada Mambré (hereafter Foundació Mambré), residing at C / Naples 133, 3rd floor, 08013 - Barcelona, with CIF G64641582 makes available through its website  www.fundacio-mambre.org certain content of informative value regarding its activities. 

The current general conditions solely and exclusively govern the use of the website of Fundació Mambré by the USERS who access it. These general conditions are set forth before the USER on the website www.fundacio-mambre.org on each and every one of the pages to be read, printed, archived and accepted through the Internet. The USER can not enter data without having read and consented to them. Some forms will require express consent on behalf of the user, indicating the acceptance of these conditions.                                                                                                                                                   

Fundació Privada Mambré is registered with the Registry of Foundations of the General Directorate of Legal Entities and Legal Affairs of the Generalitat of Catalonia under registration number 2383.

Access to the website of Fundació Mambré implies without reservation the acceptance of the current general conditions of use. On entering the site, the USER affirms that they accept these conditions in their entirety. The USER agrees that they will not use the website and the services offered therein to carry out illegal activities, and to respect at all times these general conditions                                                                            

FIRST.- The Fundació Mambré website has been created with the aim of making information available to third parties about its activities, and to allow those third parties to contact Fundació Mambré to request additional information and fulfill certain tasks. 


2.1.- The use of the website of Fundació Mambré does not imply mandatory registration by the USER. The conditions of access and use of this website are strictly governed by current law and by the principle of good faith that commits the USER to making good use of the website. All acts that violate the legality, rights or interests of third parties are prohibited: privacy, data protection, intellectual property, etc. Fundació Mambré expressly forbids the following:                                                                                                                                                                     

2.1.1.- Carrying out actions that can produce on the website or via the website any type of damage to the Fundació Mambré systems or to third parties.

2.1.2.- Carrying out without authorization any type of direct or covert advertising or commercial activity, the sending of mass mails ('spamming') or the sending of large messages in order to block network servers ('mail bombing'). 

2.2.- Fundació Mambré retains the right to, at any moment, block access to its website if it detects any activity that breaks the law, the good faith, or the current general conditions (see the fifth clause). 

THIRD.- CONTENT. The content incorporated into this website has been produced by:

3.1.- Fundació Mambré using internal and external sources in such a way that the organisation itself is sole responsible entity for the content produced. 

3.2.- Third parties, either through direct collaborations on the website or present through hyperlinks or links to other websites, or to news from other sites not owned by Fundació Mambré. Fundació Mambré is not responsible for the content produced in these instances, and does not guarantee the correct functioning of all these links or hyperlinks. Any USER who wishes to place a hyperlink between their website and Fundació Mambré's must not do so illegally or in bad faith.                     

3.3.- Fundació Mambré reserves the right to modify at any time the content of its website. 


4.1 Fundació Mambré is not, in any case, responsible for:

4.1.1.- Communication faults, deletion, or incomplete transmissions that occur on the website, that result in any part of the website being less than fully functional. 

4.1.2.- Any type of damage USERS or third parties may cause on the website. 

4.2.- Fundació Mambré reserves the right to suspend access without prior notice in a discretionary manner, for a permanent or temporary period of time until it is assured that the cause of the damage has been effectively dealt with. Likewise, Fundació Mambré will collaborate with notify the relevant authority about these incidents as soon as it is knows conclusively that damages caused constitute any type of illegal activity.

FIFTH.- OWNERSHIP RIGHTS.- Fundació Mambré is a registered trademark. It is prohibited to use Fundació Mambré's brand, which includes both the name and the logo, without the express consent of Fundació Mambré. All rights are reserved. In addition, Fundació Mambré's websiteits own content, programming and website designis fully protected by copyright, and any reproduction, communication, distribution and transformation of said protected elements is expressly prohibited unless consent is granted by Fundació Mambré.

SIXTH.- JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW.- These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. The Courts of Barcelona are capable of resolving any disagreement or conflict arising from these general conditions, expressly renouncing the USER to any other relevant jurisdiction.

SEVENTH: In case that any clause of this document is declared null, the other clauses will remain applicable and will be interpreted, taking into account the will of the parties involved and the very purpose of these conditions. Fundació Mambré may not exercise any of the rights and powers set forth in this document, which in no case shall imply the waiver of such rights unless expressly acknowledged by Fundació Mambré.

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