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The Badalona Homelessness Board is born


On Thursday the 25th of May, the Taula Sense Llar de Badalona (Badalona Homelessness Board) convened, a new space that will work in a coordinated way to address the reality of people living on the streets, in temporary accommodation or other emergency housing situations. The Badalona Homelessness Board consists of Badalona Council and a group of organisations that have delivered social outreach projects for years with a particular focus on the support of people with housing problems, among them Mambré Foundation.

The presentation took place in the press room of the Viver de Badalona building, with the participation of the Councillor for Social Services, Agnès Rotger, and representatives of all the organisations that make up the Badalona Homelessness Board.

The objectives

The Badalona Homelessness Board has set out a series of short and long-term objectives:

· Understand and coordinate all the programmes and services in Badalona that work to support homeless people.

· Collect data on the activities carried out and the user profiles within various support services, allowing for an analysis and diagnosis of homelessness in the city.

· Optimize existing resources and facilitate ongoing assistance.

· Increase visibility of homelessness with the aim of raising awareness and educating the public.

· Communicate the work of the Board and seek involvement of everyone in the search for solutions: neighbourhood associations, politicians and the media, to name a few.

· Promote new support projects for homeless people, with the joint involvement of municipal groups and the social outreach organisations in Badalona.

The Board’s initial projects

Badalona Homelessness Board have put forward what will be their first tasks for the 2017-2018 period, among them the development of tools and frameworks for data collection in the programmes and services that operate in Badalona for homeless people.

There will be a mapping of existing resources, and a formalisation of a new protocol to establish referral mechanisms, and the optimisation and coordination of current resources.

Once these tools are secured, the next step will be to prepare a new count of homeless people in Badalona, predicted to take place next year. Later, a comprehensive strategic plan will be developed that integrates Badalona into the Global Strategy for Tackling Homelessness in Catalonia.

The Badalona Homelessness Board has been founded with the intention of being open and transparent to all residents and municipal organisations of the city. Also, the Board will be open to the participation of any entity, department, public or private institution that wants to get involved and work towards eradicating homelessness.

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