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17th May: Participate in Barcelona’s 2017 count


Hundreds of volunteers will once more take to the streets of Barcelona at night to carry out the count of people that have been forced to sleep out in the open. The 2017 count will take place on the 17th and 18th of May, organised by the Network for the Care of the Homeless (XAPSLL) that’s made up of around thirty organisations, including Mambré.

One of the objectives of the 2017 count is to increase the number of volunteers over those who participated last year—some 930 people—and arrive at around 1,000 participants.

This is to widen the coverage of Barcelona to a total of 287 areas in order to cover every corner of the city. You can sign up via the official Recompte 2017 website:Recompte 2017.

Why is the count important?

The count of homeless people is a very important tool in the fight against homelessness because it allows for a clearer picture of the problem, and a better analysis of its evolution over time. From the data obtained on the nights of 17th and 18th May, we’ll have a clearer figure which will help us to continue fighting for an end to this problem.

It’s a problem that unfortunately continues to grow year on year, as demonstrated by the data from last year’s count—also organised by XAPSLL—during which 941 people were identified as homeless on the streets of Barcelona. This represents an increase of 5% on 2015’s count organised by Arrels. To date, there have been a total of four counts carried out in Barcelona; the first, in 2008, identified 658 people sleeping rough. This suggests a 43% increase in homelessness in eight years.

We need to avoid this upward trend, and the first step is identifying the true number of people that sleep on the streets every night due to homelessness. To do so, we need your help: please sign up for the 2017 count here


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